Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. sells producer goods that are necessary for manufacturing
The major equipment that we handle are machine tools, mechatronics industrial equipment, material handling equipment, cutting tools in general, tooling related etc..

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Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. established in 1953 has been running business, getting support from a lot of customers.

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Sell yourself first rather than selling products
We try to become number one in the industry by “selling our sincerity”. We don’t believe that our job is just to sell goods. We believe that the real core of work is to respond to the needs customers. We put the human trust relationship first, and wish to grow with the customer.

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Consulting sales
We do not only provide necessary items that we handle. We recommend and try to sell the best product based on the customer’s product design or business plan. We put the customers first and think of the best proposals to present; such as proposals for saving energy, proposals for reducing the initial and running cost, and factory automation to improve operational efficiency.

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Further growth
Currently, our domestic transactions add up to approximately 2,000 transactions. We have grown in each base with community-based sales. We hope to continuously support customers so they can run their business smoothly, and to grow through building trust while increasing the number of clients.

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We aim to become number one in the industry
The only one is an important aspect. However, that is not to say that there is no value in number one. We believe that growth comes from people competing, encouraging one another, and improving together. That is why we work hard every day and aim to become number one.

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Youth as power!
Not only are they young in age, the staff at Asahi Shoko are full of energy and drive. An important component for a salesman that face customers is youthfulness brimming with energy. What we value most is an “environment where you can speak the truth”. We believe that people can grow because they are in an environment where they can speak their mind.

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Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. is a general trading company
for producer goods that supports manufacturing companies,
and wishes to grow with the customer




Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. established in 1953 has been running business, getting support from a lot of customers.